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Welcome to Green Valley Hotel

Green Valley Hotel offers modern facilities geared at making our guests' stay immensely comfortable at a low price. Our staff go the extra distance to ensure that the guests' needs are well attended to.

Below are some of the facilities/services available to our guests:

  • Hotel Gardens:
    The well kept, well maintained hotel gardens are ideal for your outdoor functions including weddings, birthday/graduation parties, etc. They are capable of accommodating up to 700 people. Decorations can be provided on request.
  • Room Amenities:
    TV complete with DSTV and local channels in every room, telephone, shower/bathroom, etc.
  • Sauna/Massage:
    For your recuperation and relaxation the hotel operates a complete sauna and massage right within the premises.
  • Prior Reservations:
    Green Valley Hotel accepts prior reservations for any of the services offered. We believe by making a reservation in advance you are assured of availability before getting here.
  • Marvelous/Exciting views:
    From our hotel you can enjoy spectacular views of the surrounding areas including a clear view of Lake Victoria, fishing sites, etc.
  • Conference/Meeting facilities:
    We run a complete business center (fax, internet, copier, etc) to help ease your meeting/conference needs. Please call us for details.
  • Excursion and Tourism:/
    Green Valley Hotel can act as your base for your trips to exciting places (L. Victoria Islands and fishing trips).
  • Airport Transfers:
    Our hotel will provide transport to hotel guests coming in from the airport as long as prior arrangements are made. To make a reservation please click here.
  • Location:
    The hotel is located in a strategic point for easy access to public transportation and services. Besides, it is only 5km from the city city!